1968 local flooding on Canvey

Pictures by Sandra Davis

Monico Corner 1968
Sandra Davis
Monico Corner 1968
Sandra Davis
Does anyone recognise this road
Sandra Davis

These Photos probably feature the heavy rain that flooded Canvey in September 1968

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  • The third photo looks like we are looking south towards the Labworth along Furtherwick Road. I’m not sure what number Bus this is as I only remember the 151 & 3.

    By David Bullock (03/07/2008)
  • Had a look at the original scan the bus is a number 26 to Romford. Was it one of the regular buses at the time or was the bus station already collecting old buses? I do not remember a number 26 running when I moved here.

    By Janet Penn (03/07/2008)
  • The number 26 ran until the late sixties / early seventies. It did run to Romford via the seafront, Furtherwick Road and Long Road. It was the bus to catch to get to Basildon swimming pool. The other buses at that time were the 3, 3A and 3C.

    By Tony Driver (04/07/2008)
  • I used to catch this number 26 bus to Basildon swimming pool from Jones’ corner in Long road. I used to go and buy sweets in Tremain’s before catching the bus. Is Tremain’s still there?

    By Sue Stuart nee Lowery (28/09/2011)
  • This is Furtherwick road and I remember the milkman delivering mik during the floods.Which I think were roughly 1965 -1966.

    By june apthorp (21/08/2012)
  • The floods were in 1968 as we were living in our caravan on Kings at the time and spent the whole year there. I went to William Read. After a reasonable summer the rains began in the late August into September. Everyone was concerned on the camp because of the unusually high tides and the risk of flooding. When they eventually stopped it was very warm, and from Kings, Trevor the warden at Kings would drive us out to Mornington Road in the Austin Champ and we could actually dive of the champ into the flooded roads! When it was time to go back to school it was practically impossible to get there so we swam part of the way. The system was so overloaded the manhole covers were blowing some 2 feet above the roads. Eventually both the Fire Brigade and the Army I believe, installed pumps locally and pumped water into the dried up small gains creek. The place was running alive with eels which my mum jellied and did a good trade on the camp. Thinking back maybe not a good idea to swim in what must have been polluted water, but there was so much rain at the time we didn’t think of this. The buses were 26, 3A, B & C at the time, all Greenline at the time. What a great service too, particularly Canvey was no way as overpopulated as it now is. We never had to wait too long for a 3A which took us to Newlands. Global warming? Thanks for reading. Malcolm

    By Malcolm Roberts (25/10/2013)

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