The 29 Club

Social club at STC

STC 29 Club.
Joy Greenwood

Front row left – Joan Greenwood, far right – Avril Bowden

2nd row, 3rd from left – Joan Prout, to her right – Peggy Stevens. 2nd from right – Betty Wilson, 3rd from right – Cath Beckett, 4th from right – Mrs Owen

3rd row, 2nd from right half hidden – Mrs. Foreman.

Back row, 1st from right – Joan Bramwell, 2nd from right – Jean Mead, 4th from right – Betty Rogers.

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  • Jean Bramwell provided more names and the following information.

    Mrs Foreman’s husband was a policeman and an undertaker.

    Cath Beckett is Jean’s sister and was a school secretary like Jean. 

    Peggy Stevens was the Surveyor’s wife.

    The 29 Club was started by Mrs. Machacek, Mrs Edith Lindtner and Mrs Peggy Stevens in 1952. It originally met in the Red Cross Hall, then in the Admiral Jellico and finally in the OAP’s Hall in Central Wall Road. The club was disbanded in the late 90’s or possibly in 2000.

    The funds that were left over were donated to the local charity BOPH.

    By Janet Walden (09/11/2014)
  • Second from left on front row is my nan Olive Musfelt.  My mum Susan joined the 29 Club later on

    By Claire Lewis (nee Edridge) (02/03/2018)
  • Mrs Owen (cutting the cake) is my late grandmother, Yvonne Owen, who was married to Roy Owen. He had a garage/workshop on Canvey Island where he repaired cars and boats. Apparently he rescued a lot of people during the floods using his boat to ferry them to safely. The Owen family all still live in the area, although none are on Canvey anymore that I’m aware of.

    By Jonathan Owen (23/02/2021)

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