Dutch Village Stores

Dyke Crescent

Do you remember this shop? Do you have a photo of it or any information?

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  • I remember a shop in this road at the top, I believe on the right hand side. 

    By Joan Liddiard (15/10/2014)
  • My wife and I lived on the Dutch Village during the 1960s and the early 1970s both in Limburg Road and later in Dyke Crescent.  We well remember the Village Stores which was run by Ruby (cannot remember her surname) in part of her private house at 3, Dyke Crescent at the corner of Haarlem Road. Although quite a small shop, Ruby seemed to stock just about everything you might need on a day to day basis. We lived directly opposite the stores at No. 10 and whilst we did not do all our shopping there, we found it most convenient at times.  So far as I can recall, it did not have a normal shop front with large display signs, etc. and the entrance was through a side door.  Ruby would always let us know when she was getting some more of her best steak in – my mouth is watering with the thought of it!!  Ruby was still running her shop when we moved off the Dutch Village in 1973. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photograph of the shop. Good luck with your website. 

    By John Peters (09/11/2014)
  • Further to my earlier posting, the name of the shop owner was Ruby WALL.

    By John Peters (05/12/2014)
  • My mother owned this shop Ruby and Jim Wall. We moved to Canvey in 1968 from East Ham. My parents purchased the shop from Mr & Mrs Farthing. Many great memories, my mum offered everything a convenience store needed which included great steaks (my mum was from a family of butchers)! Many a resident would knock on our door, out of shop hours, for toilet rolls or cereal it was an ‘open all hours’ approach. I had a horse across the road at Frosts farm and I used bring my horse across the road and stand on the forecourt whilst my mum would come out with ice cream for my horse! Great days and fond memories and we had some great friends there too. Mum and Dad moved to Kent in 1986. Carol Prier (Wall)

    By Carol Prier (03/01/2022)

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