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  • I remember a girl in my class at long road secondary school by the name of Maureen Goulding,I’m sure her father owned a factory on Canvey.

    By Frank Liddicott (03/08/2016)
  • Hello

    I worked for Slaters in 1964 Concreting the unmade roads. We did Letzen road and the unmade part of Waarden, road then moved on to Dovervelt and surrounding roads. Hard work but good money.

    p.s. Nice to hear from Frank Liddicott. I was in his class

    Regards Sparrow


    By sparrow (03/08/2016)
  • Hi Frank Liddicott,

    You are quite right Maureen Goulding is my sister, she has lived in Italy for the past 53 years and that was our father’s business. C.W. Goulding was our grandfather. My dad and I started up Clifda Products Ltd in 1965 and later changed the name to Clifda Steels, before selling out to Industrial Metals from Shoebury in 1988.


    Peter Goulding

    By Peter Goulding (04/08/2016)

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