Canvey District Nursing Association

Affiliated to the Essex County Association

Dorothy Stevens 1925

Before the introduction of the National Health Service, members of the public had to find ways to provide and pay for medical help themselves. Canvey Islanders were no exception and the Canvey Island District Nursing Association was formed and continued until 1948.

Miss Dorothy Stevens of ‘The Settlement’ with her nursing experience became the Hon. Secretary. ¬†Dorothy was born in Surrey 1887, during WW1 she was nursing at Clapham Hospital. Dorothy and her family moved to Canvey Island in the early 1920’s. She died in 1933 and is buried in St Katherines Churchyard.

Miss Morgan, of May Avenue, was the District Nurse Midwife for many years. She used to cycle about the Island regardless of the weather and is spoken of affectionately. She has been responsible for bringing many Canvey Islanders into the world and we have a couple of excellent stories about her on this website. The windy toilet and the bomb, the tree and the midwife.

Subscriptions for General Nursing was 5/- per year. Fees for Midwifery and Maternity were printed on Membership cards. It paid to be a member because non-members paid different rates.

Subscriptions could be paid to the following:

  • Mrs Hoather, ‘Homeleigh’, The village
  • Mrs Chambers,¬†‘Maisonwyck’, Furtherwick Road
  • Mrs Redman, Lakeside Corner
  • Mrs Yeomans, ‘Maycott’, Lakeside
  • Mis James, Girl’s Rest Home, Lakeside
  • Mrs Farley, May Avenue, High Street
  • Mrs Horn, ‘Eden Lodge’,
  • Mrs Kebby, ‘Ben Hur’, (back of ‘Queensmere) High Street
  • Mrs Cragg, ‘Cotswold’, Hanut Road
  • Miss B Stevens,¬†‘The Settlement’, High Street
  • Mrs Richardson, Heyton Bung
  • Mrs Langley, Treasurer. ‘Woodville, ‘Winter Gardens

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  • I think I might have been born at Eden Lodge on Canvey and wonder if anyone has any information about it. Or about Mrs Horn.


    By Pam (28/01/2015)
  • Eden Lodge was down Ouida Road. In 1929 Frank George MILES & Margaret MILES was living there.


    By Martin Lepley (26/06/2015)
  • Update on text above: It appears that the Stevens family had some form of residence from c. 1907-8. Graham.

    By Graham Stevens (08/11/2022)

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