When and Where

Is this on Canvey?

No idea when or where this was taken can someone please tell us. Comment below.

With thanks to Canvey Now and Then Facebook page we have not only identified the place but the people in the photo.

Derek Dare (who died very recently) and his partner Valerie Shead. The place is upstairs where Saks was opposite the Fisks Corner Shopping Parade in Furtherwick Road. I do not know the date could it be the 70s?

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  • Oysterfleet?

    By Brigitte Helm (11/07/2016)
  • Yes this was in the old wine bar up stairs. 

    Derek, Ray New and couple others had a partnership. Used to get quite smokey down stairs in the bar area. The guy behind the bar looks a little like Dan. But not sure.

    Think this may have been in the 80’summer though.

    By Craig Thorne (20/03/2017)

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