Furtherwick Park School but when?

From the Furtherwick Park School Archive

Great photo taken in the school grounds showing the shops in Furtherwick Road.

Are you in this photo? Can you tell us when this was taken?

Courtesy of Canvey Bus Museum

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  • Yes I’m the tall blonde girl
    Barbara Linge
    Have shared it with Furtherwick Park friends

    By Barbara Roberts (03/09/2020)
  • This is my year group. We started in 1969 and left in 1974. According to the uniform of those pupils I recognise we were in our 4th or 5th year. Being older pupils we had the privilege of no longer having to wear a blouse/shirt and tie. I can recognise several fellow pupils and I’ve even spotted myself. In the front is Susan Lowry with the long hair and glasses. To the left and slightly behind her is Lesley. 2nd from the left in the front is Valerie Sach, I think. On the right hand edge of the group in the middle distance with the short hair, glasses and white blouse is Lynn Campion. On the left side are 2 boys away from the group, to the right of them on the edge of the crowd is a girl with dark hair with a centre parting, that’s me. To the right of me is a girl with a fringe, glasses and a white blouse, Ginette Jones. Ginette’s father was Bill Jones the ivory turner who is featured elsewhere in the Archive. I do hope some more people can recognise themselves. I’ve no idea why we were all out in the front playground other than a fire drill but I doubt that was the reason.

    By Janet Walden (03/09/2020)
  • 1974/75 I think.Behind all the girls at the front is Adrian Peas,next to him is Alan Pepper,next Gary Peak,next and a little behind is me Martin Porter,behind us is Roger Davis

    By Martin Porter (04/09/2020)
  • i can recognise,lesley goddard,evonne someone lol, susan lowery, denise horton, debbie howe, jeannette jones, gay martin

    By Trevor Moore (13/03/2022)
  • Debbie Hale is in front of Gary Peake and Iain Woodcock is to my left. Can add more to who gas already been identified.

    By Roger Davis (06/01/2023)

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