Line of saplings

Does anyone remember the line of saplings (a few feet high) that were stuck in the mud about 100 yards out from the sea wall and stretching from Thorney bay to Shell beach – a notice on the sea wall warned not to go beyond them at any state of the tide-no trace of them now,but it was a good idea.

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  • Yes, I remember them, and coincidentally, I also wondered about them the other day as they no longer exist. We used to call them “The Sticks”. They were probably placed a short distance before the beach rolls down deeper.

    By Martin Lepley (23/07/2020)
  • I believe they warned off swimmers from approaching the dredged shipping channel which had a dangerous undertow current.

    By Tony Maguire (23/07/2020)
  • When I was little my Dad told me it was dangerous to swim beyond the saplings because the water was very deep there.

    By Janet Walden (28/07/2020)
  • Remember them well, although they were perceived to be a warning not to go past, they still presented a challenge for a few of us to swim to and I remember feeling the strength of the outgoing tide as I held on to the sapling before swimming back to the beach, happy days.

    By Brian Mackney (11/09/2021)

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