Canvey's Amusements 1930's

Andrews and Uncle Teds Cabin

Andrews Amusement Arcade
Uncle Ted's Cabin with Andrews fairground to the right

With many thanks to Stuart Dale for letting us publish these pictures. You can see more of his pictures here.

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  • The bottom picture shows Concord House on the far left, which I believe gave it’s name to Concord Beach.

    By Rod Bishop (03/07/2013)
  • Andrews amusement arcade & the Cabin fish & chip shop on the corner of May Avenue. I lived in May Avenue until I waS 16 IN 1960. The beach was always called Shell Beach – hence Shell Beach Road. Why change it?

    By Harry Mount (Williams) (11/06/2020)
  • I thoroughly agree with you about the unnecessary re-naming of Shellbeach. I’ve lived on Canvey all my life and always knew it as Shellbeach and so did my parents who moved onto the Island in 1947.

    By Janet Walden (11/06/2020)
  • I remember visiting this arcade with my cousin when we were staying in Leigh Beck in the late 1950’s. We played on the machines that fired a ball bearing around a vertical spiral track to hopefully drop into a winning cup. Most took the usual pennies, but some, obviously elderly, ones, took 1/2d coins. In the afternoons when trade was slack, you could play bingo for only 1d a game, the prizes being things like bags of sugar.

    By Ron (09/07/2020)

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