Wild Mouse ride 1961

Ronald Camp
Here’s the Wild Mouse ride as seen from the top of the helter-skelter circa 1961, on an overcast summer’s day.  Taken on a day trip with a “Coronet Cadet” 120 camera.
For a couple of summers in the late 1950’s my parents and my uncle and aunt used to rent a bungalow at Leigh Beck for a week’s holiday. Happy days playing with my cousins and filling our buckets with blackberries picked in the hills behind Benfleet station.

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  • In 1961 while I was still at Furtherwick I worked part time at the Casino on the hook a duck and also I worked part time at the weekends for a Mrs Smith who had a Hot dog stall I made the candy floss for her It was fun and I got some pocket money 💰

    By Julia Cornwell Goillau (26/11/2021)
  • Hi Julia ,
    Another coincidence in the summer of 1961 I started working for the family bakery business and used to deliver hundreds of rolls to Mrs Smith’s kiosk. I had keys so they were usually there before 11 am but our paths might have crossed when I came back later to pick up the empty trays.

    By Graham (27/11/2021)

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