Bottom Seaview Rd

Two photo, same area, slightly different. This was Sutherlands at the bottom of Seaview Rd not Andrews as I stated.

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  • Sorry Jan, this is Sutherland’s at the bottom Seaview Rd n.b Cox’s in the bottom r/h corner. However should it have been Andrews at the bottom of May Ave the latin sign’ Nullus Secondus'(second to none) might have been useful to any Romano British ghosts who might have been hanging around as the Red Hill site is just a few yards up the road. As for Madame Zara Lee, the High Priestussss, it appears she might have more interest in the contents of a crystal decanter than that within a crystal ball! This flamboyant sign -writing is a constant source of amusement.

    By Graham Stevens (10/04/2018)
  • I’m not disagreeing with you Graham. I am just going by what i was told by Mary Dallas when i interviewed her several years ago.

    Obviously not Andrews.

    By Janet Penn (10/04/2018)
  • Please tell me more about The Red Hill site.
    I know nothing about it.It sounds very interesting!

    By Christine Gower (17/11/2020)
  • Try putting red hills in the search and you will find lots of stuff on our site.

    By Janet Penn (17/11/2020)

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