Travellers on Canvey

Very early photo c1910

Daily Mirror 1912

Any ideas where on the island this could be??

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  • Regent St., Strand, Bond St., Marble Arch, Piccadilly, Charing Cross, Westbourne Grove… they’re all the London sights I can read on the wagon, plus possibly another Marble Arch on the forward board. Were they looking for a summer home on Canvey? Were there that many trees on Canvey? Could that be a road behind them? Maybe they were here to entertain?

    By Robert Hallmann (02/06/2017)
  • Probably bushes Robert. Very similar to the fields behind the Dutch Village which are much as some of Canvey was like. 

    By Janet Penn (02/06/2017)
  • There used to be lots of trees at Gains Corner and there were fields near there.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (02/06/2017)

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