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But where, when?

This is a great photo but absolutely nothing written on the back and we have no idea where or when this was taken. Any ideas please comment below.

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  • Hi, just gotta comment on this one ! This is my Dad apparently starting to dig a small pond for the ducks and geese on the piece of land known as ‘the Patch’ which was between his house No1 Gafzelle and my sister Jenny Stacey’s at No 9. This was a joint enterprise between my Dad and my nephew Paul Stacey.

    The huts at the rear of pic were for Paul’s prize-winning rabbits and guinea-pigs and at sometime a variety of chickens were included in the menagerie as well as the white and Chinese geese and Indian Runner ducks. The building in the background is the side and rear of what was then Halcons(now GMDs). Late 70s, I remember on occasions it was quite an attraction for mums and kids on the way home from Leigh Beck school.  

    I’ve never seen this photo before (well I can’t remember it) but I guess it must have been taken by Paul and at some time been part of our family archive.

    By Graham Stevens (29/07/2016)

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