Claxton Sign Unearthed

Uncovered during works

As it is today

This sign was found of the old Claxton store in Furtherwick Road during works on the shop which is now a jewellers. Photo thanks to Graham Stevens.

An invoice with this address on can be found here.

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  • I remember in late 1950’s Claxton’s furniture store being situated at the junction of High street and Larup Ave. where the 2nd Tower radio store was situated until recently. On the other side of road and opposite where the CC Clothing shop now stands, stood a men’s clothing shop, (actually two wooden containers connected together) It was raised above ground level and entered via a dogleg series of steps. I remember it was the only shop that sold hats and Scout and Guide uniforms. I well remember buying my first ‘Mountie’ style scout hat from that shop my most notable memory being, the head measurement the shopkeeper insisted I required before buying. PS I still possess furniture bought from Claxton’s (modern furniture is cheaper nowadays; – in more ways than one).
    Also on the south-side of high street where there now stands Kerry’s nail & sunbed studio was situated a dentist surgery Named Fearney’s. Many older residents will have memories of Fearney who was nicknamed by us youngsters as biff the sniff and rumoured being fonder of using the Anaesthetic gas than dispensing . However as Elton John once said. “When a rumour doesn’t go away it’s no longer a rumour.”

    By Thom.J (03/05/2022)

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