Old bungalows on canvey

Grangeville clarendon road canvey island 1944
old Bungalow being built does anyone recognise it

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  • My grandfather (Albert Victor Trevallion), with the help of my father, built his retirement bungalow in Rosburg Road, Leigh Beck, in the 1930s. Next to him, his neighbour (by the name of Thornycroft? from memory) was re-building a bigger home ‘over’ his original retirement wooden bungalow, with his own home made blocks. Sadly, as I recall, he died before it was finished. This photo could well be that half finished project.

    By Mike Trevallion (01/03/2023)
  • A. V. Trevallion had additions & Garage Plans approved in 24th Aug 1945 at a property called “Rosburg” down Rosburg Rd.

    By Martin Lepley (01/03/2023)
  • Indeed. I do have a photo of grandfather’s bungalow with the extension which included the new master bedroom and bathroom when it was connected to main drainage. I’m not sure how to send to you unless you can let me have a WhatsApp connection? Thanks for your interest. Mike T.

    By Mike Trevallion (03/03/2023)
  • You can upload it to the website then everyone could see it

    By Janet Penn (03/03/2023)

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