The Archive's Presentation to Leigh Beck Infants and Nursery

Their 75th Anniversary

Barbara Roycroft and Sue Hampson get ready for the children to arrive

On Thursday 12th February 2009 Sue Hampson, Barbara Roycroft from Canvey Community Archive and Barbara Taylor from Canvey Library attended an Assembly at Leigh Beck Infant School as part of their 75th Anniversary celebrations. Sue gave an introduction explaining to the children and teachers what an archive is and how it will help to keep all the memories of the School and Pupils alive for the future.

Barbara from the Archive having attended the School herself some 54 years ago was able to let the children into some of the antics she and her friends got up to then. What seemed like a lifetime ago memoriesĀ  came flooding back as she recalled her first day at School, the friends she made, her teachers Mrs Lauding and Mr Groves and her Headmistress Miss Vincent.

One of her early memories was in the autumn when the boys were fond of chasing the girls with Daddy Long Legs and trying to put them down their backs, this story had the whole of the assembly laughing especially the boys!

Sue tells the children about the Archive and our banner showing our logo the Chapman Lighthouse

After the assembly Sue and the two Barbara’s went around the classrooms and showed the children the website, explaining again what an archive is, which in short meansĀ  “A collection of memories of the past for the future”. Everyone seemed to enjoy the presentation even the little ones, hopefully they will go home and ask their Parents and Grandparents for their memories especially if they themselves attended the school, what better way for the children to find out more about their ancestors past!

Canvey Community Archive is just like a book, you open it up and look at all the different Chapters, dipping into Canvey’s Past, and hopefully adding your own stories.

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