Harvest Road Haunting

Have you heard the tale?

Have you heard of the tale of the Bride that haunts Harvest Road? Apparently she has been seen walking down Harvest Road in her wedding dress.

According to the tale the lady in question lost her childhood sweetheart just before they were to marry. The groom had stumbled under the wheels of cart and horses in the dark. The bride took to her bed barely eating and was wasting away. Another marriage was arranged in the hope of bringing her to her senses. Instead she put on her wedding dress from her wedding to her sweetheart and went out and threw herself in front of the horse at last to be with her sweetheart.

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  • Nope.  Never heard that story in my life before.  But my 2 daughters and I saw a ghost at the junction of Sommes Avenue and Harvest Road in about 1988. 

    It must have been in winter because it was very dark and quite windy.  We’d taken the dog for a long walk down the lake and back up Sommes heading for Wintergardens footpath to take us home.  There was a phone box there and I said I’d call the wife from it to let her know we were about ten minutes away (no mobiles then).  As we neared we all saw a lady about the same distance away as the phone box walking towards the top of Harvest Road.  We seemed to be walking pace for pace but with two kids and a dog they managed to get around the corner and a bit in front of us.  When we saw the phone box door open we all tutted and moaned because we’d have to wait to use the phone.  We carried on walking (dawdling really) the last few yards to the phone box.  When we got there the three of us (and the dog) were dumbfounded. 

    We all saw the shadowy figure in the dark coming around the corner, walking in front of us, opening the door to the phone box and go inside.  The phone boxes used to have a light in them so when the door opened it lit the area around it up.  That’s how we know they went in and not around it – because we saw them go in.  We all kept our eyes on it as we walked towards it.  But when we got there it was empty.  We know no one left because we would have seen them.  And if we didn’t see them we would have seen the light from the phone box.  They really never left again.

    Seriously, you try explaining that to a ten year old, a seven year old and an extremely distressed young dog.  My daughters still bring it up sometimes.

    Now, was she a bride? 

    I have no idea.  It was a windy night, and the way I know that is because when I remember it I can see her clothes blowing in the wind.

    I wasn’t looking for a wedding dress because I’d never heard of the legend until I read it here 😉

    By Jim David (02/08/2014)

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