Knightswick Farm

Knightswick Farm Postcard

Stories and Pictures of Knightswick Farm AKA Oyster Churchwyck Farm.

In 1301 Knightswick farm was  owned by St Pauls Keybridge Estate at a time when the first wicks (ewe-milking sheds) were being built.
In 1543 owned by Nicholas Wentworth who rented it to Edward and James Baker.
1667 it was owned and bequeathed to his wife and children by Anthony Lodwick.
1700s It was owned by the Hiltons and the tenants were the Daines and Pratts.
Auctioned in 1820.
In 1882 it was auctioned along with Kibcaps due to the high rates and no profits.
Bought by W Foster in 1883 It was partly flooded in 1897 sold Sold to Hester in 1899.
Then in 1902 it was owned by the Arthur and George Clarke.