Anthony Lodwick Will 1667

of Knightswick Farm

In the Name of God amen Upon the 3 December in the year of our only Savior Jesus Christ 1667 I Anthony Lodwick finde myself visited of the Lord with a great sickness and not knowing the event of itt I commit my soul into the hands of my heavenly father who hath redeemed the same by the blood of his only sone My body I commit unto the grave with the hopes of a blessed resurrection at the last day and taking into consideration the goods wich god has given me in this world I order the same as followeth, I give to the poore of Canvey Island five pounds, I give to the orphans of Abraham Costenoble five pounds I give to my sone Jeremiah Pieter [I..] and the Child wich I get in the Body of the mother if it pleaseth God to keep it alive the farme called by the name of Knight wyke and all my land in Flanders to be devided amongst them equally and I give unto my wife Iakaminke the rest of all my moveables wheere ever the same stand or lay and of this my Last will I make my Cosen Gerrad van Heythuysen Executor

Wittnesse Pieter Priem

NOTE:(FLANDERS – in those days, Flanders was one of the 7 provinces of the Netherlands. After Napoleon, Flanders was devided between Belgium and the Netherlands. The southern part of Zeeland is now ‘Zeeuws-Vlaanderen’, with ‘Vlaanderen’ as the name of the Belgian province.) It would be interesting to find out more about the Lodewijck, in whatever spelling, and van Heythuysen, the cousin (Gerard, in Dutch).


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