Rotary Raft Race 2016

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  • So nice to see these beautiful pictures of present day Thorney Bay. Congratulations to all who have worked to turn the Bay into such an attractive vacation destination. The last time I saw this area was in 1953, the new, steel interlocking sea wall was under construction and that was a huge project!!

    I still remember Thorney Bay ( Dead Man’s Bay ) when I first saw it in 1941 during WW 11.  A small group of us boys would go to play there between Air Raids, and smother ourselves in the thick mud so that it would dry in the sun. We had to wait for the Tide to come in to wash that ( health giving ) mud pack off and do some swimming and larking around before going home to The Parkway, Driveway area.

    Sometimes, to our horror, there would be ” sticks ” of unexploded incendiary bombs, sticking out of that same mud!!! Probably dumped by a damaged Heinkel or Dornier German Bomber!  Anyway, many years and happenings have changed all of that, thank goodness, that is why I really enjoyed the pictures taken during the Rotary Raft race, great archive entry.


    By Gerald Hudson (08/06/2016)

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