1939 Carnival Programme

Kindly sent in by Lynn and Michael Swanson

Cover of the 1939 carnival programme

This is a great find, a 1939 Canvey Carnival programme sent in by Lynn and Michael Swanson. From pictures of the queens in the pre war years to a hand drawn map of the island which is copyright to the Canvey Carnival Association.

Lots of interesting information can be found within. Such as the names of the carnival organisers and the events and sponsors etc. 72 years later we are starting again.

Many thanks to Lynn and Michael for sharing this great find

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  • Note Tower Radio ad includes televisions – I dont believe there were more than a few thousand TV sets in the entire country in 1939 – they were certainly leaders in technology.

    By michael swanson (30/07/2011)
  • The number above, 2898 is this programmes Lucky Number, when sold, the books were sealed, you can see the seal on the front cover.

    By michael swanson (30/07/2011)
  • Yes, so many pages of information. Thanks to Michael and Lynn for sending this in. To add to Michael’s comment about T.V. I see the Premier club had a television for public viewing. I wonder how big the screen was?

    By Graham Stevens (31/07/2011)
  • In the list of Prize Givers is Uncle Frank’s Bar. I have a picture of a person my mother told me was Uncle Frank. I think the picture was taken in the thirties. I’ll email it to you, Janet.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (31/07/2011)
  • Thanks Maureen

    By Janet Penn (31/07/2011)
  • I remember the television in my parent’s club, the particular feature was that the screen was on top, facing the ceiling, and a fixed mirror in the lid when raised at an angle presented an elevated screen for the viewers. I recall only that it was a small screen. Edmundo Ross and his Latin American Band, with Petula Clark – very fond memories: Thank You.

    By David Williams (23/11/2011)
  • Looking at the list of street names in the area I lived. I know where Warburg and Wamburg Roads were but where was Warrior Square? In the thirties and forties that area was known as Kloster Park.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (21/01/2020)
  • Bottom part of Gafzelle Maureen

    By Janet Penn (21/01/2020)

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