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We have been very fortunate that Carol Rowles has sent us pictures of this lovely collection of Canvey memorabilia to add to our souvenir category showing the vast array of gifts that have been available to holiday makers visiting Canvey over the years.

Porcelain 5″ (Bon Bon)dish From Canvey on Sea Picture & wording Lucky White Heather Base word foreign

Porcelain 7. 5″ dish Made in Germany on base Canvey on Sea Essex .. Deo Juvante with coat arms to the inside

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  • I got the Yacht!

    By David Bullock (29/01/2011)
  • Thanks to Carol for giving us the opportunity to see this wonderful array of quality Canvey souvenirs. My Dad would have loved this although he generally collected the smaller items. An interesting question is which shops on the Island originally sold these items. I definitely remember the smaller souvenirs on sale at Miss Swann’s shop in the Casino and in the 60s there was a specific souvenir/gift shop in the seaward end unit on the Fantasy Island parade. However the porcelain items seem to pre-date that era(I await my brother-in-law Peter Stacey’s more expert opinion), if so they must have been available in other shops around the Island in the 30s. I can only guess at Longmans, the Post Office at Haystack Corner and the Gift Shop which used to be next to Lewin’s butchers at Lakeside. Has anybody else got any ideas? Graham

    By Graham Stevens (30/01/2011)
  • This was my collection, I am pleased I was able to provide these pictures to a wonderful site, and pleased to know they are loved by their new owners.

    By Carol (06/02/2011)
  • My parents bought a small porcelain ornament of a girl sitting on the edge of a rowing boat. She’s wearing a green hat, a white shirt with red buttons and black trousers. There is an anchor on the boat and the words A present from Canvey Island. They bought it in 1945 On the back it says Germany 203. Since they were Jewish Refugees, I thought it was ironic they bought something made in Germany

    By Maggie Chambers (29/01/2014)

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