Light up cottage

A look-a-like Dutch Cottage.

This lamp belonged to Janet Dolling’s sister who bought it because it looked so similar to the Canvey Dutch Cottage. We think it’s similarity is probably just a coincidence. The little bulb inside runs off 4 AA batteries and is in working order. It’s approximately 17cms high and 13 cms at its widest. There is no clue as to who made it. It will be donated to the Benfleet Historical Society next month and will take pride of place in the Dutch Cottage Museum.

Front view of the cottage lamp.

Side view of the cottage lamp.

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  • I had one of these models, made by Topsy (don’t know her full name). She used to do some craft work at the Heritage Centre in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Believe she lived in Janette Avenue.

    By Michael Swanson (12/11/2019)
  • The lady’s name was Topsy Johnson, who was actually Austrian. Topsy was a skilled potter with her own kiln in a shed in her back garden in Jannette Avenue and ran a large group in the Heritage centre for many years. Topsy and her husband Bill were founder members of the Heritage Centre.

    By Alison Harris (14/11/2019)

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