The Casino Horses

outside the Casino

The greatly missed Casino horses in their heyday

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  • I remember the lady looking after the horses, her name was Florence.

    By Liz Swann (15/07/2011)
  • I lived in Flat 4 at the Casino with my parents, my step father was the maintenance man 1954-1958 in Flat 3 lived Ted and his wife and daughter Alison he had some machines in the arcade and I think he also ran the tea bar, Morrie Kay had the bingo concession, Esme and Maurice (they had worked as cabret artists) sold candy floss and Larkins Peanuts (6d a bag) on the forecourt they used to pay me to bag the peanuts, Mrs Kirby worked on the Helta- Skelter and her husband controlled the speedway cars.
    I can remember Liz Swann when she was a little girl and her younger sister, my brother Bernard worked there for a short time and was very popular with the young ladies which being his young brother meant I had a few perks I never had to pay for my chips or a bottle of Coke !
    The other great perk was when business was slow I was told to get on the dodgems or speedway cars drive them around and it used to drum up business . I also knew that if you lifted the mattress on floor in the Fun House you would always find a few coins ! The lady who worked on the Fun House always gave me a penny to collect her London Evening News every day. I also knew how to work the “peep-show” machine without putting a penny in to look at undressed lady’s
    It was great in Summer but very lonely in the winter.

    By John Morris (04/02/2012)

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