My Favourite Place

The lake

The Lake is my favourite place because it is where I first learnt to ride my bike. Its one of the only places where I can ride my bike with my mates. I walk along the lake when I go down the town. Its a great place to go meet my friends. My sister loves to feed the ducks down the lake and the good thing is that we live really close to it. The lake starts at Link road and finshes at the town. Most people walk their dogs down there. Its always filled with ducks, swans, seagulls and fish.

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  • When we moved to Canvey in 1967, I used to walk my young children along the lake’s edge. I remember there used to be an apple orchard in that vicinity and we scrumped some apples to take home. We also enjoyed watching the swans, ducks and seagulls. Then those houses were built, and we were content to visit the beach which was over a mile away. Later on when the boys were older I used to out very early in the morning with my German Shepherd and we used to walk all round the new seawall from opposite Benfleet Downs all round to the other end of May Avenue and then home to the High Street.

    By June Graham (15/05/2009)
  • From the mid 60’s on my sister Gabrielle and I would go and play by the lake, ride our bikes or feed the swans. We also used the lake as a shortcut to the catholic church on Sundays instead of catching the bus up to Long road, walking through the rushes down by the lake instead and hopping across on planks of wood that threatened to collapse us into the dark, oozy mud. Many a time we would arrive home with mud splattered up our legs from the thrilling hop across the lake… and a bag of sweets that we’d bought with the saved bus money, It was a Sunday miracle that we actually never ended up in that lake!

    By Adrienne Dobak (13/08/2010)

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