Class of 1943 Leigh Beck Primary School

Group Photo

Me at bottom right hand corner.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else in this photo? If so please add a comment at the bottom of this page.

Leigh Beck School Class Photo with Shell Beach Sea Wall in the distance and the Chapman Lighthouse

Standing at back Miss Price
Standing at back L-R
Dave Brown, Not Known, Horace Remington, Brian Veal, Ben Rushforth, Keith Scott, Maurice Shaw, Eileen Hoad, John McKenzie, Teddy Ottery,  Harry Court, Jean Hogget’s brother, in front of Miss Price, Jean Fulbrook, Brian Durrant, Bill Boobyer, Norma Edwards, Brian Lawrence, Jean McKay

3rd row L-R
Stanley Skeen ( no face), Jean Hagget, Owen Bull, Daphne Rushforth, Not Known, Michael Bourne, Ben Cook, Sheila Blackmore, Phylis Coe

2nd Row L-R
Irene  Seddons ( half face), Margaret Warner, Pauline Baker, Doris Ratcliffe, Shirley Nash, John Woolf, Denis Barret, Willie Green, Bobey Armstrong, Michael Salsey, Doreen Williams

Front row L-R
Cathleen Wheeler (part shown, no face), Pat Kitchener, Eileen Monk, Audrey Hunt holding dog, Terry Cosgrove, John Napper, Georgie Wright, Eddie Hoad , Stanley Pierce

Turn your head right to read the Names!

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  • I also have a photo of the Class of 1940 if you think someone might be interested.

    Stan Pierce. Brisbane.

    [Yes Please Stan! – Dave Bullock]

    By Stan Pierce (03/08/2008)
  • Yep. Know most of the boys anyway. Keith Scott I think I last saw in the late 50’s, he was going out with one of the Theobald girls with whom I was at one time passionately in love (I was about 8 at the time) Brian Veal Maurice Shaw and Jean Mckay I recognise.Also the last 6in the front row.

    John Napper I still consider a friend though I have not seen or heard of him Or Betty, his wife for years. Poor Eddy Hoad was tragically killed in scooter accident on Essex Way in the late 50s, and of course, Stan, my swimming instructor.

    By Geoff Graydon (21/09/2008)
  • The unknown girl in the back row is Elien Hoad.Eddie’s sister.

    By John Buckmaster (01/12/2008)
  • Hi, I thought I may have been in the photo of 1943, but I am not, recognise a few though, Brian Veal,Eileen Hoad, Harry Court, Ben Cook, John Woolf, Audrey Hunt, what a smasher she was, John Napper, and Poor Eddie Hoad, perhaps they were a little older than me, I could of been in a different class, don’t seem to remember Stan Price.

    By John Cousins (John Tundervary) (29/01/2009)
  • The boy with the left parting and with the braces looks vey much like me. My family also picked it out straight away as resembling me.

    My cousin Sheila Walker was at Leigh Beck at the same time. We left canvey after the end of the war having lived at The Driveway. Most of my family spent time on Canvey during the war and I have many war time memories.

    By Terry Buchanan (10/04/2009)
  • Why not add some of your memories to the site Terry. We would love to hear them

    By Janet Penn (10/04/2009)
  • Stan, is it possible to get a higher resolution image?
    You can see that I have a knowledge of handling photographs if you go to.

    I did publish an article about my time on Canvey in the magazine, Best of British.

    By Terry Buchanan (15/04/2009)
  • I went to Leigh Beck Primary 1948 1954 Miss vincent was head mistress. Does anybody remember me I lived on Foksville Rd. My familly had a taxi busines, I now live in southern California.

    By David Larkin (07/04/2010)
  • Johnny Napper was mentioned above. He and his wife Betty are living in Cyprus and have been there for the past few years or so. I see their son occasionally and catch up on what John and Betty are up to. Naturally John has got a boat out there and spends much of his time on it.

    By Joan Liddiard (05/02/2011)
  • At 85 and living in australia it so nice to see people that I recognise Pat Kitchener a girl friend when she was 16. Terry cotsgrove a good friend when 18 many others thank you for putting the photo up for people to see. Chris williams

    By Chris williams (02/05/2023)

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