Kynoch Hotel Proprietors

From Kelly's Directories

By Janet Penn

Kynoch Hotel Proprietors etc as shown in Kelly's Directory

Year.     Publican or other Resident.
1906.    Mrs. Annie L. Bee
1908     Mrs. Annie L. Bee/Manageress
1910     James Went/Manager
1912.    James Went/Manager
1914.    James Went/Manager
1917.    Douglas Hemus/Manager
1922.    Edward Hibbert Swift
1925-6  George Kirby
1929.    Mrs Esmé Fraser/Proprietress
1933.    Mrs Esmé Fraser/Proprietress

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July 1923, reported in a local newspaper:

"Capt. Kirby, the new proprietor of the Kynoch's hotel"

By Martin Lepley
On 19/11/2017