Zealand House

At a recent open day at the Transport museum, I was asked what I knew about a property called Zealand House. I knew a little at the time, and I knew it was an early property but I checked my records and have come up with the summary below.

Zealand House occupied current day properties 89 and 91 Central Avenue, Canvey.

In July 1902, when the Central Park Estates Company Ltd was formed by Frederick HESTER and others. A list of 20 leased properties were identified as its assets, as well as the Wintergardens estate. Among the properties were Zealand, at an annual lease of £10.

Zealand House took up 4 plots (number 806 to 809) at an extent of 60ft by 60ft

The Owner (Lessee) in May 1902 was Mr ROBERTS and the property was described as a Dining Room although empty. It had an estimated annual rental value of £12.

In 1904, the property now has a reduced Gross Estimated rental of £6 but still empty.
In 1908, still empty, its Gross Estimated rental had reduced to £2.

In 1910, during the Tax evaluation the owner was identified as Municipal Building Society (I suspect this is the owner of the land and not the lessee. Probably the land transferred to the Building Society after Frederick HESTER’s bankruptcy. The evaluation also states that the property was now used as a piggeries.

The property remains empty until 1913 when in 25th December Mr COOK takes the property and the Gross annual rateable value goes up to £5. For the first time in its history this property will now pay a rate. If a property was empty then it did not pay rates.

Mr COOK is paying the rate until half way through 1915, when again the property is empty.

In 1918 the property then goes to Mr KNIGHT and is occupied in the second half of 1918, however in 1919 the property then goes to Mr ROBERTSON.

It remained empty until 31st January 1921 and in 31st August 1921 ownership goes to Mr William Charles SMITH and Rose SMITH of 255 Warwick St, Kensington, Who applies for planning to convert the property (Dining Room) into a three bedroom single story dwelling. They are still there in 1929.

By 1954 Audrey M. SMITH & Victor G. SMITH were living in Zealand House.

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