Casino Ballroom

When? Who?

Rod Bishop lent us this great picture from the Casino Ballroom but we do not know the date or the event. Can anyone help?

Casino Ballroom

Below in the gallery are close ups taken from the picture which can be seen by clicking on them. Are you in the picture? Do you recognise anyone? Please make a comment below each picture.

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  • In the picture on the left I’m sure that the young man leaning to his left is George Boobyer and behind him the girl with the glasses is Sylvia Beeching. On her right is the man she married, whose name I’ve forgotten. Sitting on the floor second left is Mrs Boobyer. At the back of the picture on the right, wearing a jacket with a velvet collar is, I think, Peter Bond. I recognise many others but can’t remember their names!

    By Maureen Buckmaster (21/01/2011)
  • The lady second from right, front row in main picture is Mrs Edson . I think it may be Egen’s Christmas party. Lin Swanson

    By Michael Swanson (17/07/2011)

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