Sun-Bathers at Canvey

"the flimsiest of garments"

Beach huts on the beach 1930s

The question of the dress of sun-bathers on Canvey’s beaches were discussed and reported on in the Chelmsford Chronicle on the 17th July 1931:-

  • At a meeting of the Canvey Island Ratepayers’ Association, Mr. Lee com­plained that he had seen women walk­ing about in shorts and “the flimsiest of garments.” He suggested that the Urban Council should try to institute a by-law prohibiting “such behaviour.”
  • Mr. Jones said the clothing, or lack of it, of some of the frequenters of the beach over the week-end was positively indecent. “These sun-bathers lie about almost unclothed,” he said, “and in a condition which would not be put up with anywhere but on Canvey Island.”
  • Mr. Chambers said if some of those present were 20 years of age instead of 60, there was little doubt they them­selves would take part in the sun-bath­ing.
  • After further discussion, the Associa­tion decided that they could not do any­thing in the matter at present.


Previously a bye-law was talked about at a Council meeting and reported in the Chelmsford Chronicle on the 20th June 1930:-

  • Council Matters.—The Urban Coun­cil discussed the proposed oil storage depot scheme, and it was agreed to co­operate with the Ratepayers’ Association in calling a meeting to investigate the subject. It was decided to advertise for consultants to prepare a sewerage scheme for the area. An amended scheme for the foreshore and adjacent land, with ten acres for a park for recreation pur­poses, was adopted, and ten acres were allocated for the Leigh Beck district.— The question of enforcing the P.L.A. by­laws regarding beach bathing was dis­cussed.—Mr. Chambers inquired when the dressing and undressing on the sea wall and the slopes were to be stopped. He suggested that they approach the P.L.A. and ask them to put the by-laws into force. — Mr. Pickett thought they should first have a sufficiency of bathing huts.—The Chairman Mr. Leach) sug­gested waiting, and reminded the Coun­cil that they had thousands bathing there at Whitsuntide.—The matter was referred to the Beach Sub-committee.

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