Profits of Canvey Restaurant

Essex Weekly News 1943


Ministry & Proposed Payments

The allocation of surplus money on Canvey Island’s British Res- taurant has formed the subject of a letter from the Ministry of Health.

The matter arose following the adoption of recommendations by the Council, subject to the ap­proval of the Ministry of Health, for a sum of £50 to be allocated to the W.V.S. for a social function and donation to the hostel fund; and an honorarium of £12 10s to the accountant and surveyor for their additional work at the Res­taurant.

The Ministry wrote that the Council were no doubt aware that the destination of profits arising on the Council’s British Restaurant account was the General Rate Fund, and that the question of the legality and reasonableness of any expenditure incurred by the Council was, in the first instance, a matter for the District Auditor to decide at the audit of the Council’s accounts.

The Minister was not prepared, in present circumstances to sanc­tion donations to the funds, of the W.V.S. or similar bodies from Rate Fund moneys, but it was not clear to him that the Council might not make reasonable payments for ser­vices rendered by the W.V.S. in connection with the running of their British Restaurant. Any such expenditure would, however, come under the purview of the District Auditor in the usual course.

With regard to the proposed, honoraria to the accountant and, surveyor, the Minister stated it was not his normal practice to sanc­tion the payment of gratuities to senior officers for additional work imposed on them owing to the war.

Discussion ensued, and it was pointed out that since the W.V.S. was, in fact, a voluntary body of workers, payment could not be made to them for services rendered.

It was agreed to send a copy of the Ministry’s letter to the W.V.S. for their information, and to ask the Ministry if £25 could be sent to the W.V.S. for the entertain­ment.

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