Canvey Supply but can you guess what....

Can you guess what they are selling in the top picture and what is happening in the bottom picture.

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  • Is the bottom picture the big fire at the point which I was told lasted for days possibly in the 50s early 60s

    By Tony (03/07/2020)
  • Hi and good afternoon, I remember this very well it was 1957 and the fire went on for a couple of days, there was loud explosiones caused by sheets of asbestos and cans of paint, there was also a large boat in one of the sheds. the fire brigades from surrounding areas were running out of water so they run a series of pumps to the eel lake which was behind the old island yacht club..all the potash settled on the lake and cut down the oxygen supply to the eels and fish in the lake which made them swim to the edge for air. two days later I wadded into the water and flipped the eels out on to the bank my friend put them in a bucket, we then took them to the pie and mash shop in Altermans Arcade and sold them. it took ages to get the Canvey Supply owned by the Lawrences back into shape.

    By laurence david unstead (30/08/2020)

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