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Mystery photos

Can you help us identify this photo. It was included on an old calender that was passed to us by Graham Stevens. Please comment below.

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  • Middle left.. My sister Jayne.. next to her my Mum Pam .. Boy in front of her with back to camera may be Stephen Bullock? To his right may be Pam Beckford?

    By David Bullock (21/03/2020)
  • To add, I can confirm that is Pam Beckford with her daughter Launa on her lap, with Peter Beckford walking towards the sea on the right. We estimate about 1963, on Concord Beach. I may well have the original of this photo.

    By David Bullock (21/03/2020)
  • Pam beck Ford is in middle holding Lorna her daughter, I think I am the girl walking with the swim costume on.

    By Celia Slate nee Cox (21/03/2020)

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