Heritage Centre

Museum Week

The Heritage Centre (St Katherines) is holding their Museum Week this week. (5-13 July 2008)

There is so much to see, well worth a visit.

The Heritage Centre

Since St Katherines became The Heritage Centre it has become the home of Art, Camera, Needlework and Patchwork Groups as well as an historical group. They have Art, Hobbies, Militaria and Photographic Exhibitions. There is a Lifeboat Week as well as the Museum Week, Slide shows and Tabletop Sales.

Open most weekends during the summer months.

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  • What a beautiful photo of St Katherines Church Jan at the top of this page. Looks like you enjoyed your visit.

    By David Bullock (07/07/2008)
  • Hi, Janet, well done, but at a fee of £50 per exhibit for photography at St Katherine’s, you must have spent a fortune in there. Very admirable. Robert

    By Robert Hallman (09/07/2008)
  • I had a great time as I always do at the Heritage Centre. Brought back memories of my childhood. I used to love Noddy and Sooty. Lots of the exhibits were things that were very familiar to me.

    They do great exhibitions but the best one was when they had a Teddy Bear Exhibition. I took my granddaughter and Granddad Teddy. Granddad Teddy is older than me as he was my brother’s before he was mine. Bought with cigarette coupons, if I am remembering correctly. He reminds me a bit of my brother, balding, losing his sight and his limbs are all over the place. Anyway we wrapped Granddad Ted up to keep him warm and off we went to visit his relatives. The most excitement Granddad Ted had had in years, as he usually sits and watches.

    Robert I bartered for the photos and have given the centre copies of the pictures I have of the Ozonia Hotel’s rooms. I thought it was a fair swap.

    By Janet Penn (09/07/2008)
  • It would really help if you gave some information about what the ‘museum week’ is please – it sounds interesting, but I’d like a better idea before travelling some distance to see it.

    By Tim Rossiter (04/07/2009)
  • Museum Week is just that, the Museum is open for the week. This date was 2008, I do not know when it will be this year

    By Janet Penn (05/07/2009)

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