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Well Graham, this was quite a surprise. I never realised the 'Lake' was so big! It was much smaller when I was young and my father used to catch eels there.

I'm sure I have a photo of Lil Spiers with my mother, probably taken in the 1930's or 40's as I believe they were good friends. Let me know if you want a copy. The site gets more and more interesting.

By Maureen Buckmaster
On 04/02/2009

Hello, I have been searching for my birth mother on and off unsuccessfully for years and today it has led me to your site. I have just received her birth certificate and her parents Henry Leonard and Christine Moss lived at Island Farm, Leigh Beck, Canvey Island, my mother, Sylvia Barbara, was born on the 6th June 1927. It would be absolutely amazing if anyone connected with the farm knew her. A long shot but worth a try. Trying not to get too excited, but please reply if you have any info re. the Moss Family of Island Farm, Leigh Beck. Thank you, Hilary Tipping, Wellington, New Zealand.

By Hilary Tipping
On 05/09/2010

Hi Hilary, Thanks to Janet Penn pointing out your post to me I was able to read it shortly after it came onto the site. I held back a bit hoping I might have some more positive info for you, however, at present all I can add to what was written about the Moss family is that my sister Jenny Stacey has reminded me that there were two more sisters, Valerie and Lily.

We do not know if any of the four siblings still live on the Island but there is still something of a local 'grapevine', if we put out a few feelers we might come up with some more info. Regards, Graham.

By Graham Stevens
On 19/09/2010

Thank you very much Graham, every little clue helps. Regards, Hilary

By Hilary Tipping
On 28/10/2010

Hi Hilary I have just learnt that the members of the Moss family mentioned above have no connection with Island Farm. I apologise to you and to the Moss family members for publishing this misinformation which will shortly be deleted from the page. Regards, Graham.

By Graham Stevens
On 29/10/2010

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