Private Dining Club Canvey Island

Help please

By Louise Ward

Can anybody help me? My cousin is over from New Zealand revisting her old haunts. She has a recollection of a private dining club where she used to go with her father who ran the bingo in the 1960's. His name was Les King and she believes the man behind the bar was called Ron. Her recollection is that she met Diana Dors and other famous people one of who penned Build Me Up Buttercup. She knows it was a hotel on Canvey and the Private Dining Club was next door. There is a possibility that is may have been called The Daisy Club?????? As I have only lived on Canvey for 10 months I am a bit lost. It would be very much appreciated it anybody has any information.

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We also know that the Hotel/Private Dining Club was on a single storey and had a piano player

By Louise Ward
On 01/09/2015


Sounds like ir could be Greenglades

By sparrow
On 02/09/2015