Post Cards of the Wintergardens area of Canvey Island

These Post Cards give a rare glimpse as to how the Wintergardens area was developed around 1900 by Frederick Hester. It included an indoor greenhouse ‘Wintergarden’ area with tropical plants, resturants and a railway. There was also a horse drawn mono rail that went from Wintergardens along Somnes Ave to Seaview Road. The Hester story will be featured elsewhere on the site in the near future.

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  • I was brought to Winter Gardens as a child at the end of WW2. We arrived on the back of a cart pulled by Farmer Lea, but had to unload at the concrete tank trap on the sea wall. We shared a timber house with another family and the earth privy under the high trees and the noisy rookery – we had no electricity. I remember having to walk to school along the top of the old Dutch sea wall. Then it was a rural paradise with the ebb and flood of tides, the saltings, wrecks of old boats and open vistas to the Essex downs over the water.

    By david wilson (20/09/2010)
  • We moved to Canvey in 1952, having previously holidayed there.  We lived in a little timber roughcast house in Winter Gardens, and although it was some years later, it looked very similar to these pictures.  ”The Path” as it was known, was our road into “town” or our walk or bike ride to Benfleet.  We  regularly shopped at Lunn’s stores.  I still recall the smell of paraffin and bacon!  When I was a teenager I used to go dancing at Victor Sylvestor’s Studio at the old Odeon in Southend.  Coming home I would get off the train in Benfleet and then walk home, along the road, then left onto “The Path”, and after a mile or so, cut across the sheep fields, climbing two styles,  bending down to try to make out the grass “bridges” over the dykes.This walk was always alone, as none of my friends lived in that part of the island.  I can just imagine kids doing that now! Canvey was a magical place to grow up, and I lived and worked there for 50 years, but saddened by the over development we moved to Suffolk 13 years ago.  We now live in a little village that reminds me so much of Canvey in its glory days.  

    By Anne Keys (04/11/2014)

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