Girl's Rest Home cubicles??

The top two photos were passed to us by Ivor Earl. They are obviously the same place possibly front and back. No indication from the photos as to where the place is located or when the photos were taken. Looks like taken at different times as indicated by the chimney additions both sides. Top photo has single chimney each side, the bottom has two one side and one the other.

We have been told this may be part of the old girls rest home on the lake owned and run by Clara James. Obviously not the actual home but possibly the annex or cubicles as in the postcard at the bottom. It looks similar in dimensions and layout and the chimneys could have been added at a later date.

I am sure we have another photo somewhere of the cubicles which may or may not shed some light. Can anyone help?

This is an aerial photo of the bungalows next to Iceland that Joan Liddiard suggested in a comment below. As you can clearly see this is NOT the same as the photos above.

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  • In my opinion:

    The two views do not show front and back. Looking at the shadows cast from the verandah, the sun is in front of both dwellings.

    Although similar in appearance there are a number of differences between the two dwellings:
    1. Chimney to left of property, as mentioned in text above.
    2. The Porchway surrounding the door is different in construction including how it protrudes from the verandah.
    3. Different front door.
    4. In the top picture the bottom of the windows on the extremes are lower. In the second picture all the windows are the same size.
    5. There appears to be some differences in the verandah but difficult to see exactly.

    These differences suggest to me that they are different dwellings.

    I cannot see anything that would suggest they are the Girl’s Rest Home cubicles.

    I wonder where they come from and what makes someone think they are Canvey at all.

    Just my opinion and, of course, I could be wrong.

    By Martin Lepley (04/05/2022)
  • They do not show sun on the front on both photos at all. The second is from the side with shadow on the left.
    If same property why wouldn’t the windows and porch/entrance be different front and back with the chimneys being changed over time.
    The other photos we were given from the same source were from Canvey and we do have photos of similar properties.
    As to the girls rest home – it was a suggestion when we were given them.

    By Janet Penn (04/05/2022)
  • I wonder if these are the bungalows that lay along by the side of Iceland carpark. Flats have now been built on the site. Another similar row of bungalows were opposite Larup Avenue where Sainsbury’s petrol station is now.

    By Joan Liddiard (29/07/2023)

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