Save Canvey Island's Paddling Pool

Video of the Concord Beach Protest

Hear the Speeches
by David Bullock

Today on 7th Febuary 2010 over 500 people gathered at Canvey Island’s Concord Beach to protest about CPDC’s decision to demolish the paddling pool that has provided safety and entertainment to children and adults alike since the 1930’s. The campaign to save the pool is spearheaded by Sue & Lea Swann, who’s father Clary (also present today) ran the Canvey Casino for many years. Lea still runs the Concord Cafe next to the Pool.

Local Canvey independant / Canvey Town Councilors were present including Joan Liddiard and Independant MP Bob Spink who made a rousing speech. Many others were obvious by their absence. Many members of the Canvey Community Archive were present including Steve Bullock, Graham Stevens & Janet Penn. Here I have videoed Bob’s main speech and most of Lea’s. You may have to turn the sound up as the voices are a little quiet, enjoy!

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  • Fond memories of Canvey pool. Have lived on Canvey (on and off) since 1934. As as small child I learned to swim in this pool. At age of 12, I was given charge of my three younger brothers and what times we had on Canvey beach, always centered around the pool. We then graduated to the creek where King’s now stands tho’ we always preferred the pool. In 53′ I married in St. Katherine’s. Then, in later years my children had the benefit of the pool as many do today. 


    By silvia (12/02/2010)

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