The Dauntless Boatyard

In this category we will be showing lots of pictures belonging to Keith Patten mainly covering the Dauntless Boatyard with lots of different boats sailing in and around Canvey. With some pictures showing the creek with the old bridge, houseboats and downs.

Page link: The Lady Winifred
The Lady Winifred
A 26ft Dauntless
Page link: Trials of Fishing Vessel
Trials of Fishing Vessel
Built at Dauntless
Page link: 16ft Speedboats
16ft Speedboats
Benfleet Creek
Page link: Trials in Dauntless 'Pond'
Trials in Dauntless 'Pond'
Dug out especially
Page link: Launching Time
Launching Time
Boats ready for the water
Page link: Some Dauntless photos
Some Dauntless photos
Thanks to Keith Patten
Page link: Dauntless in Wales
Dauntless in Wales
Sale Farm, Welshpool
Page link: Unusual craft
Unusual craft
From the Keith Patten Dauntless Collection
Page link: More pictures from Dauntless
More pictures from Dauntless
In and around the creek
Page link: The Old Bridge
The Old Bridge
From the Dauntless Collection
Page link: Auxiliary Sloop for the Thames Estuary
Auxiliary Sloop for the Thames Estuary
A 26-footer of New Design Constructed at an Essex Yard
Page link: Fishing Boat for the Thames Estuary
Fishing Boat for the Thames Estuary
The Motor Boat & Yachting, October 1947
Category link: Leaflets & Plans
Leaflets & Plans
With great pictures