Canvey Island Dutch cottage tour

by DarkGlassly (Gary)

Many thanks Gary for allowing us to add his video to our site

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  • Did the little bike belong to Rosa Keegan’s husband. Rosa used to juggle with cigar boxes in the Kynochs when I was very young and I think her husband was in the circus. Does anyone remember any thing about them?

    By Maureen Buckmaster (12/03/2011)
  • Does anyone have any details about the more modern ‘Dutch’ cottage in Ferndale Crescent? We believe it was built/used by the Linders family who lived in our house (Buckhurst Hill)in the 1930’s. Any information would be of great interest.

    By susan vening (13/06/2011)
  • We have a picture of it on the page about the fielder dutch cottages but no more details about that specific cottage

    By Janet Penn (14/06/2011)
  • Hi Susan, It is generaly assumed locally that Ernest Linder had the ‘Dutch cottage’ in Ferndale Crescent built on the site of a ‘Redhill'( raised areas along coastline used as salt-pans in Roman times) so that he could carry out excavations in his own back garden. In his publication; ‘Canvey Island. The History of a Marshland Community’ Basil Cracknell devotes at least a couple of pages to Linders work derived from his pamphlet’The Redhill Mounds of Canvey Island in Relation to Subsidence on the Thames Estuary’.Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association,1940.Cracknell’s book should be available at Essex County Library. Considering the appearance of the property and the fact that the Leigh Rd/Ferndale Cresc area was owned and developed by Fielder Estates it seems quite likely that the Linders had that company to build the cottage using similar, if not the same plans as the properties referred to by Janet. Incidently drawings published by Linder are of a Redhill mound at Blackmore Ave, app 150yds east of the cottage , so the ‘backgarden excavation’ story might be apocryphal or Linder believed the salt-pan site of Roman times covered a very large area.

    By Graham Stevens (15/06/2011)
  • We lived at # 6 Ferndale avenue. The beautiful Dutch cottage was just a few steps up the lane. I remember the owner? a Miss Kitty Linden or maybe Linder. She seemed very old to me as a child but one thing I do remember is her lovely blue eyes

    By muddyfeet (01/12/2012)

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