Canvey Charity Engine Pull

14 July 2012

For the third Saturday in a row Canvey’s Streets came to a standstill as the Canvey Firemen pulled a fire engine the length of Canvey from Northwick Garden Centre to Leigh Beck School.

Crews are raising money for Danny Green, an 11 year old boy who is suffering from a brain tumour and is currently undergoing treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Right now (11am) they will be in the Town Centre where they will break for an hour. Unfortunately heavy rain, now falling may hamper the rest of the day.

The pictures in the gallery below were taken earlier outside the Heritage Centre not long after the start. 

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  • 11 year old Danny Green has lost his fight against cancer. RIP Danny

    By Janet Penn (27/07/2012)
  • Such a shame, cancer is killing us all off! I knew his sister Holly from primary school.

    By Liam Heatherson (27/07/2012)
  • Yes, you are so right, Cancer is killing all of us. Funds and donations have been pouring in to be used, we are told, for Cancer research. It has been going on for 40 + years now. Sure, they have made some “in-roads” and are able to treat some forms of Cancer with varying degrees of success. However, they nearly all involve treatment with Drugs!!! I lost my partner 5 years ago following her 4,5 year battle with Breast Cancer. I sat with her through every one of those dreadful “Chemo” treatments, Waited outside of the operating room during the surgeries to remove her breast etc..and was with her during the many radiation treatments. All of this to no avail.. Now and then the Doctors at the Cancer treatment center would announce that they wanted to try a new Drug that had been able to arrest the cancer progress to some degree. Imagine my shock when going to fill the prescription for that drug and when the cashier asked for 1200.00 Dollars!!!! Further to my comment about the Millions, if not Billions being donated around the world for “Cancer Research” I remember seeing huge, massive concrete, 20 story buildings being erected near the cancer clinic where my partner was receiving treatment, the sign in front of those buildings said “for Cancer research” I make these comments because my wife was just one of the thousands of cancer patients, living in the hopes that an effective treatment might come out of the millions being used for “research” Here is an interesting, true fact. Upon my arrival in Canada, in 1953 there just happened to be the start of the very terrible Polio epidemic, and I find it so incredible that within Months!!! an effective preventive Vaccine had been researched and developed and which nearly ended the Polio scourge bringing new cases down to practically nil.!!!. I have some very strong opinions about why it seems to be taking so much time and money to discover the vaccine that would end any new Cancer cases. Maybe I am wrong, but it’s a well known fact that if a preventive vaccine against Cancer were found tomorrow, many big companies would suddenly be hit with massive losses to their current multi-billion dollar revenues!!!

    By Gerald Hudson (31/07/2012)

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