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I really enjoyed reading about your walk. As an Islander living in scotland it brought back many memories. I often visit the Island, but tend to just visit family without seeing all my old haunts. Thanks

By grooveyval
On 10/07/2010

Liked your story read it after my attemted cycle ride today sunday 17th Nov 2013 I decided to giveit a try round the island I live near smallgains so I started off from home around 9am cycled along the sea wall from the sailing club past the Labworth passed the Lobster Smack. After the Lobster smack the going by bike gets harder as this time of year its soft and churned up by cattle and horses. Went passed the fuel tanks and was around the creek entrance to the RSPB when I got a puncture it was about 10.30 I then had to walk pushing my bike under Canvey Way I had no phone with me so I decided to walk along the winding creek footpath the going got harder due to heavy mud eventually got to the road near the rubbish yard and some kind people let me use there mobile to phone home, as thought my wife was worried as I said I would only be an hour she came a got me from Waterside. I would not recommend a cycle ride in the winter I think by foot is the best bet so next spring 2014 I think my wife and I will do your walk lunch at the Lobster Smack seems a good idea.

By Steve Gunter
On 17/11/2013

Good effort Steve, The walk is to be recommended when its dry out there.


By Peter Watkins
On 24/05/2014

Thanks for this story Peter. much appreciated. I lived on Canvey from 1968 to 1973 and worked there as a Gas Fitter for the North Thames Gas Board and all the gas engineers in those days cycled around the island to do jobs in customers homes. Myself and a friend John are thinking of walking around the Island sea wall if possible and this was most informative and interesting.

Thanks again, Tony

By Tony Chadwick
On 10/08/2017

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