The Day the 'Monster' came to Canvey

from a newspaper report 1973

This prehistoric reptile is being stored on the Island at Canvey Casion car park. It will later be transferred to Scotland. It came from Ramsgate, Kent, where it was built by Alan Ross, a sculptor, for his company.

This grainy picture and reportĀ is from a local newspaper dated Feb 1973. Do you remember when Nessie dropped in? Do you have pictures? Please comment below.

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  • I dont remember this. Tell me more?

    By Cia Parker (19/01/2012)
  • Wish I could Cia. Just found it in a newspaper. Hoping someone remembers

    By Janet Penn (19/01/2012)
  • I remember it well. It was made by my x father-in-law in Ramsgate Kent. I came with my x- husband Frank Ross to bring Nessie to Canvey Island on route to Loch Ness Scotland. If I remember rightly it was all a publicity exercise. Alan Ross’s dream was to open a prehistoric park. The dinosaurs were made with angle iron covered in chicken wire then coated in plaster paris strips. The dinosaurs where then spray painted by Alan Ross.

    By Christine Ross (18/04/2012)
  • This was my mums x husbands project alan /bill ross .My mum was Jean Monk

    By lynn monk (19/12/2014)
  • This is my dad Alan William Ross, his intension back in 1973/4 was to build an educational dinosaur park in a quarry in Sittingbourne in Kent. This model was made to generate interest and publicity. He was sponsored by many different companies to support his idea, unfortunately it took five years to pass planning permission in the quarry in Kent and by this time life had taking a different route for Alan and the project did not get started.

    If any person has archive information with regards to this project or photos relating to this project please contact me at this email address.  

    By Charlie Ross (26/12/2014)
  • I lived opposite the Dinosur maker in Addington Street Ramsgate 1973 remember the Dino well. I was living with Rhoda Hossen .

    By John (03/06/2017)
  • This man was my grandad that I never met. I would have loved to have had a chance to meet him and find out more, he seems a very interesting character. Is there anyway I can get hold of any of his family?

    By Joanne Ahrens (27/09/2022)

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