Old 'Roman' vase?

Found in Thorney Bay

I have just read the article in the archaeological site by Janet Penn. This┬áreminded me of this old vase which was found by my father, Les Brodrick when he was laying his fishing lines in Thorney bay in the early 50’s and wondered if it was of any interest as it seems similar to the bowl depicted in the article.

In the second picture (see gallery below. Click on picture to enlarge) there seems to be a stone or piece of glass embedded in the clay.



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  • Fantastic Roy. Thanks for posting. Lets hope we can answer the question.

    By Janet Penn (16/04/2017)
  • Not an expert on Roman pottery but this looks like it could be high quality Samian wear. High gloss glaze and terracotta colour are similar to this ware. Samian tended to be plain, though but very well made. Roman decoration tended to be more scenic and the braided handles are unusual. You would more likely find this quality of stuff in country villas and high end town houses. Washed off a wreck is a possibility, the Thames being a major trading route throughout Roman occupation. As I said, no expert so open to correction by more knowledgeable historians, but think it might well be later. Lovely find though.

    By Dave Housden (13/04/2021)

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