Shorewick Cottage

Finds by Gary Foulger

Gary Foulger recently sent in photos of artefacts he found when he was metal detecting in the area of an old cottage on the north shore of Canvey east of Waterside Cottages.

Overview of area with a cottage marked c1931

Gary says ‘Its Canvey Way, north sea wall opposite Benfleet creek. Large marsh area, there is a track way on marsh to deep water bit when tide in, goes back to smuggling days.

Close-up of cottage is this the one?

He also says it is not known by many but there was a cottage there and it was called Shorewick Cottage. His paperwork dates from late 1800s and I have found it on one of our maps dated 1898.

The cottage and grounds are now under the A130

1898 mapshowing the are. If you click on the map you will see an enlargement and you can clearly see the cottage.

Gary’s map of the area showing cottage

Close-up. No 26 is the cottage

No 26 can be seen on this land registry dated 1860s

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  • I could be wrong but the picture of the cottage looks far too near the old Ford to be the point on the Map which is much further around the sea wall.

    By Martin Lepley (29/08/2016)
  • Opticle illusion perhaps Martin. The photo is taken at an angle. You can see the creek behind it. There were no other properties in the area other than barns and that is definitely not a barn. Unfortunately we do not have any other photos of the area.

    Or it could be the cottage behind the waterside cottages and that water is a large dyke. 

    By Janet Penn (29/08/2016)
  • I wonder if it could be that property virtually in the same field as the Waterside Cottages with a footpath going to it.

    By Martin Lepley (29/08/2016)
  • Thats the one I mentioned in my comment.

    By Janet Penn (29/08/2016)

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