60 Acres

before Castle View School

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  • Just seen these shots – great to see the anderson shelters there! Wonder if they ended up in anyone’s garden today

    By Liam Heatherson (07/12/2018)
  • My dad grandad and nanny may live over there
    I took my parent
    Over yesterday
    Dad was just saying it just was fields
    They could walk from their nanny may and grandads house
    They mentioned problems with sewage
    Having to have it taken away
    Any more photos would be great

    By Sally baker (03/04/2023)
  • There are more 60 acre on the site. Just put 60 acres in the search engine.

    By Janet Penn (03/04/2023)
  • there surname was
    My nan was there daughter

    Think they had 7-9 children
    Re 60 acres
    Anyone who could did out any photos would be great

    By Sally baker (03/04/2023)

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