Blaze at 'Crystaldene', Trevia Avenue

Near Furtherwick Park School

‘Crystaldene’, Trevia Avenue at the height of the blaze. Date?? 60s/70s perhaps. Trevia Avenue was demolished not long after to make way for the Knightswick Centre. Does anyone know. Please comment below.

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  • The only thing I can suggest is ask the Fire Brigade.

    Every fire or call-out is logged in the station log book in the watch room, I am not saying the log would still be there but it should be able to be traced.

    I keep looking at the last photo and that could well be my Dad running the hose out.

    The Fire engine looks like the one that is still on the island and used for functions, perhaps Colin who now owns it could help you??

    By Carol Norman (16/10/2014)
  • This is not Trevia Ave, Crytaldene was in Folsville Road I lived there as a young child with my sister Alison, my mother Patti and Father Sandy. We lived in the top part of the house. Patti’s sister Betty Lived downstairs with her 2boys and her mother Mrs Charlotte Matthews from “Matthews & Charles”the Estate agents. The house was originally built by 2 German brothers. It was a very big house with 4 bedrooms downstairs 2 sitting rooms a kitchen dinner, bathroom and separate toilet, large hall leading to front door that nobody ever used!! Upstairs was a 2 bedroom apartment where I lived my early years with my sister. I seem to remember that it also had a 3 or 4 gardens all very different one was an apple orchard and one had a green house the middle had a pool which my dad built and the very back garden a joined the school furtherwick park had a swing and a shed.

    By Laura nee McKenzie (12/02/2017)
  • Hello Carol,
    I lived in the old Mayors bungalow in Trevia Avenue in 1971 for awhile just before the demolition works started. But don’t remember this building with the fire, so I think Laura nee McKenzie is correct about it being in Folsville Road.
    I came across this post as I was trying to find a photo of the Mayors Bungalow but I can’t remember the number or name of it now.

    By Tony Chadwick (25/11/2019)
  • Had some great time’s in the house, it was like a youth club, with Bob,Andy, and Betty,and their nan,lovely lady. Happy memories.

    By Martin Jones (19/03/2021)

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