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Why am I remembering this now?

Musings from Zimbabwe where I have been since 1971. Think I left Furtherwick Park School in 1965 or 1966. Fred Watkins was the headmaster and in my mind I can still picture the main entrance;  canteen and gym on left, offices in front and to the right and then around the right angle turn to that long straight corridor that ran back towards the High Street. That’s about all I remember except I used to jump up a class for Math and never did any sport except trampoline as John Gregory, Anthony(?) Stevens (of Stevens Bakery) and myself were the first guys ever to do well at it for the school – so  guess what – that’s all we ever did.

I also remember our year did Noah’s Flood to the music of Benjamin Britain and how the ark was pieced together and built in sections in front of the audience in the gym and all the animals (us in massive cardboard heads) filed into it and sat on bleachers (I was the lion). I also remember vividly the massive sound maker for the wind and the giant fan structure that was pulled up and over to represent the rainbow.

That I think inspired me to do a lot of theatre in Zimbabwe, acting and directing – even got to play Tevye in Fiddler on the roof, and directed Godspell, both won the Best Production awards and I received the best actor and best director awards. Anyone who remembers me please use

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  • I was at the school at this time in that’s my class to the right walking down to the main entrance Fred Warkins Yes he was the head master , he was a horrible man Who enjoyed making students look silly and took great pleasure in humiliation of loads of boys  along with Miss  Langstene  who used to hit the girls across the knuckles with a large ruler the pair or them was insian I done very well at the School thanks to Mr Sharplen and went on to college at Southend and trained to be a Chef I emigrated to Australia in 1970 but returned in 1973 

    By Andre Mackie (04/09/2017)
  • I was lucky that I was into sport. I left Canvey in 1964 and went to Australia, I have been back many times, I am very proud that i’m from the UK. Is there anybody who was at this school 1963 to 1964? I am 70 now but I can remember everything that I did at school. I bring up my old street Elm Rd on google earth and wish I was still there.  

    Regards Terry



    By Terry Rayner (29/09/2018)
  • Hi Guys , I left in ‘71 and still live nearby in Benfleet but not in touch with anyone from school . Would be good if I could but I’ve no idea how.

    I missed 3rd year as moved to Eastwood for 1 year. Came back for 4th year.

    Remember wearing red socks and being sent home to change them by Fred.

    Phil Roof

    By Phil Roof (09/10/2018)

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