The Atomic Bungalows

Long Road/Miramar Avenue

The original bungalows

Same bungalows but now the flat roofs have been replaced and some have had another floor added

These bungalows, nicknamed ‘The Atomic bungalows’,at the junction of Long Road/Miramar Avenue were originally going to be the start of a large estate of houses and bungalows spreading all the way to Maple Way to the West and North for A. De Angelis Esq.

The single bungalow to the west of Miramar Avenue was originally supposed to be a pair and further west stretching to Maple Way there were plans for three sets of four three bedroomed terraced houses with a balcony over the doorway built on similar lines to the bungalows. (see plan of houses in gallery below).

On the plans for the bungalow, submitted in 1946, they were to be made of 9” brick or 9” Concrete Hollow Blocks and waterproof cement rendering with bitumen felt flat roofs. The houses were either to have a flat roof or a pitched one. The floor on the first floor states 5” ‘Hyrib’ or 9” Hollow Concrete Blocks.

What happened to the envisioned estate we do not yet know. If anyone can enlighten us please comment below.

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  • While researching for something else I came across this item. I then remembered that Stan Perry had mentioned these bungalows and why they may have been called ‘atomic’. I’ve copied his comment here’ The flat roofed houses near the junction of Long Road and Hawkesbury Road were built just after the war. They were known as the atomic bungalows. There’s only one left with the original flat roof. The builder had a French sounding name. The reinforcing for the roofs was mine sweeper nets because building materials were rationed and in short supply they recycled everything they could. ‘

    By Janet Walden (04/10/2022)

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